What's new in fall 2015?

Our newly upgraded and redesigned MyLab & Mastering offers a better user experience so that educators and learners can stay focused on what matters most: teaching and learning.

MyLab & Mastering is now faster, more stable, and even more powerful. And it doesn’t just perform better, it looks better, with an intuitive, streamlined design and enhanced capabilities on mobile.

See the new instructor course experience

See the new student course experience below...

A simplified, modern design

A new My Courses page for students

The simplified MyLab & Mastering Student My Courses page has a clean, current look and a more intuitive interface that learners will feel confident using. The easier-to-read visual style and streamlined navigation help students stay on track without getting lost in the system.

Quick access to important information

Instead of having to drill down into multiple screens, the new Student My Courses page organizes all of students’ MyLab & Mastering course information into easy-to-scan course tiles. Additionally,

  • On each course tile, the Details option expands to display course details, increasing efficiency by eliminating unnecessary pages and clicks.
  • The My Courses page keeps the focus on active items, with past courses stored under the Inactive tab.
  • Announcements are located under their own tab with an Unread alert icon.
  • Major notices are emphasized in color at the top of the page.

Accommodations for every learner

Accessible content & interface

Fully accessible for all users, MyLab & Mastering allows learners to use magnification, a screen reader, and keyboard navigation in addition to color contrast ratios.

Fully accessible

Intuitive, familiar tools and icons

Faster, easier course navigation

Recognizable icons from popular applications and mobile experiences allow for quicker, easier navigation in your course.

Additional navigation improvements reduce the number of clicks to perform tasks so students can optimize their time spent in the system.

  • New top navigation bar
  • New collapsible menu icon
  • Simplified course menu
    • New sub-menu reduces scrolling
    • Click Main Menu to go back to main course menu